Leadership Conversations - The 3G Networks at Work




How does a leader find the “on” button in their team members even when there is sub-optimal motivation?  How can a leader turn disengagement into engagement and self-imposed isolation into collaborative action?

One answer is to intentionally revert back to a largely discarded 3G network.  This type of network is not the digital network we were once familiar with, but rather a relational network in its’ capacity and speed.

It is made up of three key components of leadership: Grace, Graciousness, and Giftedness.  Thus, the 3G Networks.

Let’s define the components.


·      Grace – “elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action” or “a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment”


·      Graciousness – “pleasantly kind, benevolent, and courteous” or “merciful and compassionate”


·      Giftedness – “having great special talent or ability”


By systematically talking to and behaving towards others with authentic respect that is courteous, kind, and in a pleasing manner, the leader creates a culture that elicits the best behavior and attitude from others.  The boundaries are laid out and reinforced.  They serve to elevate the language, interaction, behavioral expectation, and quality of engagement. 

This creates conditions that serve to enhance the release of the 3rd G, Giftedness.  When a cultural environment is created that begins to improve the quality and expectation of authentic relationships, team members are more likely to collaborate, contribute, and share their unique gifts with others.  They feel appreciated, listened to, and valued. 

When leaders speak, model, and require valuing others they find and press the “on” buttons of those who have been overlooked, ignored, or disenfranchised.  They create a chain reaction of input that is similar to the lighting of a fuse that travels through the workplace from one individual to another.  Disengagement becomes high-level engagement.  Self-imposed isolation becomes collaboration.

In this environment, individuals are able the share their unique gifts with the team to make their contribution a part of the finished product.  How much more productive could your team be playing under these rules?

Can we help you reintroduce real 3G Networks in your workplace?