Charles is a great colleague in our work with Schenectady Bridges. He brings a high degree of strategic thought, years of education and training experience, and a deep desire to make connections among diverse sectors. I recently attended one of his recent trainings and not only left equipped in my professional skill-set, but I was also very impressed with Chuck’s candor, training techniques, engagement with the audience, and willingness to learn from others along the way. I appreciate Chuck’s partnership and friendship.”

 Nathan Mandsager – Director of Schenectady Works & Coordinator of Schenectady Bridges”

 You were great! Thank you so much for speaking at our CareerBuilders . The students really enjoyed the interactive activities and we were especially pleased at how you engaged them to participate so freely. All of the students were quite attentive and the feedback we are receiving from both students and faculty alike is extremely positive. The students were uplifted by your comments and inspired by the experience. . . . Chuck and Barbara, we appreciate your taking the time to help in this effort. You played a valuable role in its success.

 RT – Bryant and Stratton College, Albany, N.Y.

 I just want to thank Chuck Pettinato for sharing his light with our group this morning.  Chuck has the patience and insight to guide people through the difficult topics, while still addressing the needed areas for growth.  I am glad that I invited him to speak to our group. Some of attendees have already made life changing decisions towards goals and away from their past!!!! He is a blue-chip of social capital. All of our participants truly enjoyed him and will welcome his return in the near future.

J.M.H –  Schenectady Community Action Program

 Charles combines excellent attention to detail with personable assurance. In change/transition situations, his guided listening and compassionate approach are calming in difficult and sensitive interactions. He is able to navigate high emotions and encourage honesty, while pushing for a destination of general positive outcome. If your organization is going through change, Charles and his wife Barbara can help immensely with their expertise.

 D.A. – Calvary Tabernacle Church, Schenectady, N.Y.

 Working with Chuck allowed me to step back   .  .  .  and focus on the real issues at hand.  I was amazed at the clarity it provided and the sense of control and focus that I obtained .  .  .  His questions and input caused me to look at things from a different point of view and showed me variables that I had been overlooking. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to grow and find answers.

 C.L. – Crystal Clear Finances, Albany, N.Y.

Excellent, more people need to attend this in the community!                                                  

 Participant training evaluation.  Schenectady, N.Y.

The training was great, I would love it to be one hour longer!                                                                

 Participant training evaluation, Schenectady, N.Y.

 The most helpful part of the training was hands on, role playing, and feedback during the exercise.  

Participant training evaluation, Schenectady, N.Y.

 Great training!  Spread it through the community!                                                                    

 Participant training evaluation, Schenectady, N.Y.

 The most helpful part of the training was the eye opening conversation about mental models! Anonymous training evaluation,

Teacher evaluation -Van Correlaer Elementary School, Schenectady, NY.

I loved all of this bullying training.  I wish everyone had it!

Participant training evaluation - Albany Medical Center Hospital